Why is everyone tracking their steps?

10000 step a day equates to roughly 5 miles and takes 30 minutes which adds up to the recommended minimum of 150 minutes moderate exercise per week. By tracking your steps with a device such as fit bit you may be surprised to see how many or few steps you do each day.

If you have an active job like a Postman for example you may easily hit 30000 per day, while someone with a desk job may only hit 5000. If you are under the 10000 a day step target, be realistic and don’t try to increase it to 10000 straight away. Start by adding 1000 steps/day for a week, once you are regularly hitting this target try to add another 1000 and so on.

This base level of activity is great for your health, and getting outside for a healthy dose of vitamin D or achieving it through a fitness, dance class, walking on a treadmill or even around the shops can also benefit your mental wellbeing and reduce stress. Tracking your steps can also be a very useful tool for fat loss.

By adding 10000 steps a day to your current level you could lose around a pound a week without any changes to your diet. Any increase in daily activity could give you an endless list of health benefits and improve how you look and feel, and tracking steps is just one way to do this.

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