Scared of joining a gym?!

It may surprise you to know that as a Personal Trainer and Bikini Competitor I still get a bit of the fear when entering a new gym! I fully appreciate why a gym can be an intimidating place for someone to enter for the first time and even after several months of going. When I joined one for the first time myself 13 years ago I remember thinking everyone was looking at me and knew I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! You are not alone in thinking that but everyone in there is far too wrapped up in what they’re doing to be concerned with what you are up to. Believe me when I say just because they look like they know what they’re doing doesn’t mean they do!

Try not to compare how you look or your fitness/strength levels to anyone else, you’re on page 1 of your journey they could be on their 10th book! They probably wish they could go back to page 1 so they could undo all the mistakes they’ve made getting to where they are now! The fitter and stronger you become the harder it gets to see improvements as your body gets closer to its training potential, so you will never have it as easy as you do now to see progress! If you’re going to commit your time and money to going to a gym don’t waste it.

Visit all the gyms in your area and choose the one with the most helpful and knowledgeable staff, friendly, clean environment and ask how they can help you get started. As a minimum you should get a free induction to be shown how to use the equipment safely. You may want to consider hiring a Personal Trainer as even in a few weeks they can teach you a huge amount. (See my previous blog for how to choose a PT). Try classes or small group training sessions can be a great, cost effective way to learn the basics and get to know some of the other members. They may also have a workout App or virtual classes that you can follow rather than wandering around wondering what to do! Going to the gym should be a place of sanctuary where you feel comfortable and leave feeling better than you went in! If you need help, ask, if you don’t get it, you’re going to the wrong gym!

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