How to treat and prevent dry cuticles

As the temperature drops and the heating goes on we often find that our skin becomes dry particularly around our nails.

Our nails are protected from infection by a seal known as the eponychium and this must not be confused with the outer seal of dry, dead skin on the nail plate known as the cuticle. The cuticle can be removed if overgrown but the eponychium must remain intact.

If not regularly moisturised with hand cream/cuticle oil and gently pushed back, the cuticle can grow with the nail plate causing it to become unsightly particularly when nail polish is applied as a smooth outline & finish is difficult to achieve. The cuticle can tear and result in sore hangnails which can become infected. This dry dead skin stuck to our nail plate and any hang nails can be removed by having a professional manicure/pedicure.

Top tips:

  • Have a regular monthly manicure/ 4-8 weekly pedicure

  • Apply cuticle oil and hand cream regularly particularly after using drying nail polish recover or soak off solution and always before bed

  • Protect hands from cold weather with hand cream and gloves

  • Always wear rubber gloves when washing up/cleaning

  • Gently push cuticles back using a rubber tipped hoof stick after applying cuticle cream/remover and soaking in warm water to soften them first

  • Don't pick or pull at cuticle or hangnails, use cuticle nippers to cut it away taking care not to cut the eponychium