I love food!!! I love it for the taste, the enjoyment of sharing a meal with friends or family and for the incredible difference it makes to how we look and feel. 

We now have a huge range of foods available to buy, restaurants & fast food outlets to eat at and we are constantly bombarded by the latest diet or quick fat loss products.  Despite all this choice, obesity is tragically at its highest! 

Diet is something that is unique to the individual so whilst a set meal plan may be a useful tool in the short term, I teach all my clients how to develop and manage their own diets for life! 



Personalised meal plans tailored to your likes, dislikes & lifestyle or Macros set & guidance given with using MyFitnessPal App, training plans tailored to your goals, weekly progress check ins with me for accountability, changes made every 4-6 weeks as required, daily support, access to myPTHub App for workouts, nutrition plans/macros and progress log.

Various packages available starting from £60/mth, contact me for more info!

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Client Testimonials


 Louisa is an excellent personal trainer nothing is too much trouble she is there to help 24/7
I've never enjoyed exercise as much as I do now the
results are phenomenal thanks to Louisa’s great personal training sessions
Also my relationship with diet and excercise is really positive now the whole experience has helped me maintain a healthy mind and body . Thank you Louisa!

Helen Eaton

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Could never have done this without Louisa’s help! Always Yo Yo’d with my weight and fad diets. Had zero energy.
Religiously stuck to the diet and macros that Louisa set for me and after one week I could see the changes not just to my body but how much better I felt physically and mentally. 
Louisa is so patient and always there to help me when I fall off track.


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Nutrition Blog Posts


In my nutrition blog I will be separating the facts from the fiction and helping you to find the best way for you to eat to achieve a body that not only looks great but ensures your mental & physical wellness.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main sources of energy.  They contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.  As well as being an energy source providing 4 calories per gram, carbohydrates have many other functions essential to health in the body such as the nervous and digestive s...

I’ve tried so many diets but nothing ever works! 

Firstly, pretty much all diets work if they are adhered to as they are basically just different ways of reducing the calories you consume, creating a deficit and therefore fat or weight loss (2 very different things but...

Macronutrients are the 3 main groups of food required by the body to function optimally, protein, fats and carbohydrates.  Your body can function without carbohydrates but there are few cases where I would recommend it!  (I will explain why in a later blog). 


Protein is in every cell of the body, no protein, no life! 

Water is the only thing the body has more of than protein, yet the majority of people fail to consume enough protein or water. 

Protein is essential for growth and repair, but has several other functions in the...

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